Estimate for support of studying nuns in Sri Lanka Sakyadhita Center:

  • Registration fee: 6,000 rps (40 Euros)
  • Seminar fee including transportation (750 rps per week):
    750 x 4 x 12 = 36,000 rps (240 Euros per year)
  • Books = 10,000 rps (66 Euros)
  • Total expenses = 52,000 rps (346 Euros) per year per nun

According to our present financial situation, we can only support one nun in our center for her university studies as the expenses mentioned above are considered high for us to support more. Some other nuns are doing short courses and the expense is about 3,000 rps (20 Euros) per month depending on the courses they take. Courses such as counselling, Tipitaka Dhamma classes etc.

We have some collections of Dhamma books in our library, so most of the time we encourage the nuns to borrow books from the library. However, each year we may spend about 10,000 - 20,000 rps (66-132 Euros) for new books for different level of studies.

Next year we plan to have a one-year Dhamma and Meditation course for nuns. We plan to intake about 10-15 nuns. We still cannot calculate the actual cost of this plan as costs such as transportation, books, medical etc. are rising from time to time. When the nuns come for the courses to our center, we no longer give each of them individual allowances as we will cover up everything including books, transportation, medical, and others.

So, we set up this “Educational Fund” to cover up the necessary costs for different study levels of the nuns. After the closing of the Pirivena (Basic monastic education), we aim to help nuns who are doing higher education at the center.

We will organize some courses for those who are interested in further monastic studies and training.

For people who wish to support nuns for University studies, the yearly expenses are 52,000 rps (346 Euros) for each nun.

For those who want to support nuns for short courses, they are 3,000 rps (20 Euros) per month.

We currently can accomodate 15 nuns at the same time.

For those who like to enrich our library sources will be 10,000 - 20,000rps (66 - 132 Euros) per year.

Conversion rates may differ on a daily basis, check here to get a current update for Rupees in Euros.

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